The unconscious mind is the essence of how we experience the world and ourselves. If you want to change your life at a core level then you will have to work on your programs that are held in the unconscious mind. As you continuously take charge of your own thoughts through focus, mindfulness, visualization, and relaxation, you can influence what programs your unconscious mind run.

        Hypnosis is a natural state where we can access the unconscious mind to change mindsets and emotional responses. A hypnotherapist weaves suggestions to the client whilst in trance (a relaxed state) through means of language that is tailored to the client's needs to achieve their goal.
This language can help a client move into their own inner wisdom to become more congruent with
their goals everyday, in their conscious state.


Through hypnosis, the client's busy conscious mind is “put aside”  to allow the unconscious mind to surface inner resources. While in this new state,  there is no critical thinking or judgement.  Natural resources can change one's patterns and ingrained habits, let go of fears and phobias, and establish balance to be focused and motivated.
The power of suggestions made to the unconscious mind is heightened and the client can have a
change of thoughts, feelings, and behaviours.


        Stage Hypnosis is not the same as  Hypnosis or Clinical Hypnotherapy. Stage Hypnosis is performed in front of an audience for the purpose of entertainment. The participants are natural extroverts that are willing to “perform” in front of others. Their willingness as volunteers ensures that they are highly susceptible,
so are therefore easily led into silly suggestions for entertainment.


               As the great hypnotherapist, Milton Erickson said,

                    TRUST YOUR UNCONSCIOUS MIND,

                      IT KNOWS MORE THAN YOU DO