Can you follow instructions?

Can you use your imagination?

Can you enjoy being in a relaxed state?

Can you trust yourself?

Do you want to be hypnotised?


Then YES, you CAN BE hypnotised.


Once you are in a relaxed state, your unconscious mind can come to be your guide. You will be able to hear everything and remember what is suggested to you. Being hypnotised is a pleasurable state that allows you to unlock your door to change. You are always in control and can select and accept suggestions that are tailored to your individual needs.




The average number of sessions needed for most people to become congruent with their intentions and goals is 1-3, sometimes 4 sessions. The first session is 1.5 hours which gives the therapist and client time to become acquainted, discuss issues, and establish goals before a client is led through hypnosis.

The client then has a week to ingest the benefits of the hypnotherapy and practise NLP Self Help Tools while implementing new behavioural patterns.

The second and third sessions are on average one hour long. This allows time for discussion to review changes and re-establish goals.

By the third session, clients find that they are reassured with positive results and more comfortable with the process of hypnotherapy. Therefore, relaxation and deeper trance come naturally, which in turn leads to easy access to the unconscious mind where solutions arise from.